Community Outreach

TNT works to improve the lives of the children at TNT but also works to give back to the community through outreach, teaching, and volunteering.

TNT offers fitness circuits at children based events in the FM area. TNT’s circuits get children moving, jumping, swinging and more! TNT designs circuits around the principle that brains develop better with physical activity. Just by swinging, a simple activity, they improve balance, coordination, timing, and rhythm. From Energize Nights at the local public schools, various runs, police picnics, Midwest Kid’s Fest, to StreetsAlive!, you can find TNT providing movement to children in the community.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Running the youth run at the annual Fargo Marathon? Look for energetic TNT coaches leading the warm up for the young runners participating. Children  dance, stretch and warm up with the TNT coaches to fun age appropriate music.

Physical education teachers with adaptive degrees comprise the core of TNT services. TNT’s qualified staff  teach more than just the children utilizing TNT they also educate local college students by offering different opportunities that allow them to experience working with all abilities. University of Jamestown PT students work alongside TNT instructors to gain hands on experience of working with diverse populations. MSUM’s future physical education teachers complete a mandatory gymnastics class to learn the fundamentals skills needed in gymnastics. These students turn around and utilize these new skills with preschool classes under the supervision of TNT instructors.

Visit our Events page to see where you can find TNT out in the community!





Just a short note to tell you how impressed we are at the University of Jamestown - PT Program with the very gratifying situation we have with TNT.  Our physical therapy students are able to see and work with many different types of children at your facility.  They can work with daycare children as well as the special needs students.  Many PT schools make sure their students 'see' special needs children through the course of their curriculum, but our students actually get to work with these wonderful children one on one.  Their experience is hands on which is what we want for our students and yours.