Frequently Asked Questions


What is proper attire for a gymnastics class?

Gymnasts should wear leotards or fitted clothing. Shorts and a t-shirt are acceptable for both boys and girls. Long hair must be pulled back (hair binders are available at the front desk, if you forget). Avoid hard hair accessories. No jewelry. Gymnasts should have clean, bare feet before heading out onto the floor. No socks, please!

What if I miss a class?

Notify your instructor or contact the front desk if you are unable to attend you regular class. You may also contact the front desk to schedule a make-up class. Limited to one make-up per session. 

We took some time off. What class should my child register for?

If your child is a preschooler, you may register for the class based on your child's current age. A recreational student should register for the class he or she participated in during their last session. If you are still unsure, please contact the front desk. They will set up an evaluation with one of TNT's coaches to ensure your child is placed in the appropriate class. 

Can I switch classes in the middle of a session?

Provided there is room in the class, you may switch to suit your schedule. 

How do I know if you are closed due to weather?

In the event of a closing, notification will be sent to the local news and radio stations. TNT also posts a notification on our website and social media sites.

Can I leave the building when my child is in class?

You are not required to remain in the building, however, we ask you pick your child up promptly after class. Please make sure your child is comfortable with your absence and is potty trained. 

Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, however private lessons are only offered on instructors availability and discretion. TNT strongly encourages all students to enroll in scheduled classes to safely learn fundamental skills and progressions. 

I am interested in boys or girls competitive team at TNT. What should I do?

Fill out a team interest form at the front desk. A team staff member will contact you to give you more information and set up an evaluation. 

Can I request an instructor?

No, TNT does not allow instructor requests. All TNT instructors are USA Gymnastics certified and teach quality gymnastics. 

My child and I are new to gymnastics. What level do I join?

If your child is 18 months-5 years you may register for the class based on your child’s current age. If your child is 6 year old or older, students generally begin in the Beginner Class

What is a placement evaluation and how long will it take?

A placement evaluation is used for students, 6 years or older, who are new TNT and have had previous gymnastics experience. A coach will spend time with the child out in the gym to determine the child’s skill level and what class will be best suited for them. Placement evaluations depend on the child's experience and skill level, but typically last no longer than 10 minutes. 

Is there a cost to schedule a placement evaluation?

No, placement evaluations are free of charge. 

How do I sign up?

1. Create a myTNT account online.

2. You will be redirected to the parent portal where you will click "New Account" 

3. Enter in your family information and click "submit"

4. Click "Add a Student" and enter in the information for each child you wish to register. 

5. Once your account is created, search for the class or camp you want to register your child for using the "Classes" or "Camps" tool. You may also schedule your birthday party by selecting "Book a Party"

6. Once you have found a class, click "Enroll Now", if the class is correct click "Continue Enrollment". If you need to sign up another child, click "Find Another Class" otherwise select "Add to Cart" and continue the prompts through payment. 

If my one my children has attended TNT in the past, do I need to create a new account for a different child?

No, you only need one account per family. Login to your account using the original email you used to create your account. Click on myTNT and you will be redirected to the parent portal. Enter your email address and password. You may click forgot password if you are unsure of your password. If you originally registered via phone, use the email you gave and click forgot password. If you are still unable to login please contact before creating a new account.  

How do I schedule a placement evaluation?

Click the following link to view available placement evaluation dates and times:

Do you have open enrollment?

The recreational gymnastics is sessional with open/online enrollment times. TNT does allow students to join during the current session if the individual class has space available. 

How do I know when my child is ready to promote to the next level?

Mobility in our recreational program is based on skill achievement. Each level has six units. When the gymnast masters a level, he or she progresses to the next level. Each child is evaluated during the class and given a TNT Talk sheet to take home with the recommended level for your child as well as their current progress on each skill. 

Can my child attend more than one class a week?

Yes. A 25% discount is given for the second class. 

When is payment due?

Payment is due when registering for each new class, party, or open gym. 

Does TNT charge an enrollment fee?

TNT has an annual Family Registration and Insurance Fee that is due on the anniversary date of the first class registration. 

If I enroll in the middle of a session, will my tuition be prorated?

Yes. You will only be charged for the remaining weeks in the session. 

My child will miss a gymnastics class, will TNT refund that class?

No. The session tuition reserves the student's place in the class whether attending or not. TNT does offer one makeup per child, per session if space available. Please contact the front desk at or 701-365-8868 to schedule a makeup. 

Do you have a competitive team?

Yes, TNT has girls and boys competitive gymnastics and a competitive cheer team. For more information on these teams click here

Can my child participate in a trial class before we make our decision to enroll?

Yes. We are very confident both you and your child will love his/her class. You may schedule a free trial class before enrolling. You can schedule a free trial class before enrolling by calling the front desk at 701-365-8868.

Can a retail item be put on hold?

All retail items must be paid for in order to be pulled from the pro shop. We do not hold an item without payment. 

What is protocol for a returned leotard?

No refunds will be given. Leotards may be exchanged for another style or size if the tag is still attached. 

Will you help me sell my gently used leo?

TNT sells gently warn, clean gymnastics attire for member families. TNT displays attire for 60 days, after which the items are donated to the Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch. If the item is sold, the family will be contacted and they receive 100% of the money from the sale.