TNT Girls Competitive State Meet

TNT’s Compulsory Levels 3-5 and Xcel Levels Bronze- Platinum competed this past weekend at North Dakota State Gymnastics Competition and had a great weekend! Congratulations to the athletes and coaches on their accomplishments this season.  Below are the results.

Level 3: 1st Place Team: Undefeated in North Dakota Competition

Level 3 Junior A

  • AA: 1st- Addi
  • UB: 4th- Addi
  • BB: 1st- Addi
  • VT: 1st- Addi
  • FX: 1st- Addi

Level 3 Junior B

  • AA: 5th- Avery, 7th- Keely, 8th- Brooklyn
  • UB: 3rd- Avery, 11th- Keely, 11th- Brooklyn
  • BB: 4th- Brooklyn, 7th- Avery, 8th- Keely
  • VT: 1st- Keely, 8th- Avery, 10th- Brooklyn
  • FX: 1st- Keely, 8th Avery, 10th- Brooklyn

Level 3 Junior C

  • AA: 6th- Kamryn, 12th- Aubrie, 13th- Gabby
  • UB: 7th- Kamryn, 11th- Gabby, 14th- Aubrie
  • BB: 3rd- Kamryn, 4th- Gabby, 12th- Aubrie
  • VT: 2nd- Aubrie, 11th- Gabby, 14th- Kamryn
  • FX: 2nd- Aubrie, 6th- Kamryn, 15th- Gabby

Level 3 Senior C:

  • AA: 1st- Amari, 5th- Larissa, 6th-Alexis
  • UB: 3rd- Amari, 7th- Larissa, 9th- Alexis
  • BB: 1st- Amari, 2nd- Larissa, 5th- Alexis
  • VT: 2nd- Amari, 6th- Alexis, 10th- Larissa
  • FX: 1st- Alexis, 2nd- Amari, 4th- Larissa

Level 4: 2nd Place Team

Level 4 Junior A

  • AA: 3rd- Jaelyn, 4th- Kim
  • UB: 3rd- Jaelyn, 8th- Kim
  • BB: 3rd- Kim, 4th- Jaelyn
  • VT: 3rd- Kim, 4th- Jaelyn
  • FX: 1st- Jaelyn, 4th- Kim

Level 4 Junior B

  • AA: 1st- Jolee, 2nd- Olivia, 5th- Marina, 10th- Liviya
  • UB: 1st- Jolee, 2nd- Olivia, 5th- Liviya, 6th- Marina
  • BB: 1st- Jolee, 3rd- Marina, 4th- Olivia, 7th- Liviya
  • VT: 2nd- Jolee, 4th- Olivia, 13th- Marina, 14th- Liviya
  • FX: 1st- Marina & Jolee, 8th- Liviya, 9th- Olivia

Level 4 Junior C

  • AA: 6th- Riley
  • UB: 9th- Riley
  • BB: 4th- Riley
  • VT: 5th- Riley
  • FX: 7th- Riley

Level 4 Senior B

  • AA: 3rd- Kelsa
  • UB: 6th- Kelsa
  • BB: 2nd- Kelsa
  • VT: 6th- Kelsa
  • FX: 3rd- Kelsa

Level 5: 2nd Place Team

Level 5 Junior A

  • AA: 1st- Saree, 7th- LuLu
  • UB: 1st- Saree, 5th- LuLu
  • BB: 1st- Saree, 11th- LuLu
  • VT: 4th- Saree, 13th- LuLu
  • FX: 3rd- Saree, 5th- LuLu

Level 5- Junior B

  • AA: 1st- Ava
  • UB: 7th- Ava
  • BB: 4th- Ava
  • VT: 2nd- Ava
  • FX: 3rd- Ava

Level 5- Senior A

  • AA: 1st- Therese
  • UB: 2nd- Therese
  • BB: 1st- Therese
  • VT: 6th: Therese
  • FX: 2nd- Therese

Xcel Bronze: 2nd Place Team

Xcel Bronze Junior A

  • AA: 7th- McKenley
  • UB: 8th- McKenley
  • BB: 12th- McKenley
  • VT: 8th- McKenley
  • FX: 2nd- McKenley

Xcel Bronze Junior B

  • AA: 4th- Meredith
  • UB: 3rd- Meredith
  • BB: 7th- Meredith
  • VT: 4th- Meredith
  • FX: 5th- Meredith

Xcel Bronze Senior A

  • AA: 1st- Mia, 2nd- Lauren, 3rd- Madison, 4th- Julie, 6th- Grace
  • UB: 1st- Mia, 2nd- Julie, 4th- Lauren, 6th- Grace, 7th- Madison
  • BB:1st- Madison & Lauren, 3rd- Mia, 4th- Julie, 5th- Grace
  • VT: 1st- Madison, 4th- Lauren, 5th- Mia, 6th- Grace, 7th- Julie
  • FX: 3rd- Mia, 4th-Julie, 6th- Lauren, 8th- Madison, 9th- Grace
  • Xcel Silver: 2nd Place Team

Xcel Silver Junior A

  • AA: 1st- Autumn, 2nd- Kayce
  • UB: 4th- Autumn, 5th- Kayce
  • BB: 1st- Kayce, 10th- Autumn
  • VT: 1st- Autumn, 6th- Kayce,
  • FX: 1st- Autumn, 7th- Kayce

Xcel Silver Junior B

  • AA: 4th- Madison, 12th- Kendra
  • UB: 11th- Madison, 13th- Kendra
  • BB: 5th- Kendra, 7th- Madison
  • VT: 2nd- Madison, 11th- Kendra
  • FX: 2nd- Madison, 11th- Kendra

Xcel Silver Senior A

  • AA: 2nd- Haley, 7th- Mataya, 9th- Alyssa
  • UB: 1st- Haley, 10th- Mataya, 14th- Alyssa
  • BB: 5th- Mataya, 6th- Alyssa, 11th- Haley
  • VT: 3rd- Haley, 5th- Alyssa, 6th- Mataya
  • FX: 4th- Alyssa, 6th- Haley, 12th- Mataya
  • Xcel Gold: 1st Place Team

Xcel Gold Senior A

  • AA: 4th- Mckenzie, 6th- Avery, 7th- Brooke, 8th- Sydney
  • UB: 4th- Mckenzie, 5th- Sydney, 6th- Avery, 7th- Brooke
  • BB: 2nd- Avery, 4th- Mckenzie, 7th- Sydney, 9th- Brooke
  • VT: 1st- Mckenzie, 2nd- Brooke, 10th- Sydney, 11th- Avery
  • FX: 4th- Avery, 5th- Sydney & Brooke, 9th Mckenzie

Xcel Platinum

  • AA: 1st- Juliana, 6th- Erika
  • UB: 3rd- Juliana, 5th- Erika
  • BB: 1st- Juliana, 4th- Erika
  • VT: 2nd- Juliana, 4th- Erika
  • FX: 6th- Juliana, 9th- Erika