Adult Fitness

The greater metropolitan area of the Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo communities boasts a population of approximately 185,000, of which roughly 4,500 have been identified as having special needs. The special needs population in our communities continue to struggle to identify opportunities that provide for growth, learning, physical activity, and social participation in an environment that recognizes their uniqueness. 

A growing population that continues to be underserved in our community includes young adults with special needs. These individuals generally have jobs and other outside commitments that prohibit them from engaging in physical activities during the day and in the evening. TNT is committed to serving children and now ADULTS with special needs to provide them with physical activity opportunities in the newly remodeled space designed just for them.

TNT continues to open its door to agencies/organizations that serve the adult with special needs population to host physical activity in this new space. The adult fitness program is designed to have adults schedule two days a week for a monthly fee to get their work out done!

How do we start?

  • To join a fitness class at TNT, contact Jake by emailing: Jake provides you information for day, time, and registration process.
  • The agency provides a care-giver and/or family member, TNT trains on how to use the equipment, and the workout begins. 
  • Space is shared with multiple agencies and individuals
  • Hours are varied during the day and evening times. 


Registration Packet

TNT is an amazing place where children and adults of all abilities can actively participate! My son has been going to TNT for years. He participates in the school program and also in a special needs small group with his buddies. The staff and coaches are amazing people who are skilled, friendly, and welcoming to all. I would recommend TNT to everyone! It is a magical place!