No Limits Fitness

A growing population that continues to be underserved in our community includes adults of all ages with special needs.

The Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo greater metropolitan area boasts a population of approximately 185,000. Roughly 4,500 of those individuals have been identified as having special needs. The special needs population in our communities continue to struggle to identify opportunities that provide for growth, learning, physical activity, and social integration in an environment that recognizes their uniqueness. TNT’s adult fitness experience offers a great opportunity for these individuals to enjoy an active lifestyle.


How do the classes work?


  • Individuals participate in a pre-planned workout routine in a group setting
  • Movements are adapted to meet each individual’s physical ability
  • Our coach and individual’ care-givers assist with specific movements
  • Classes last 60 minutes at various times during the week


What makes TNT the right choice?


  • Educated and professional staff that gets the best out of every individual
  • Newly remodeled space and equipment fitting specific needs of adults with special needs
  • Multiple scheduling options during the week


How can I get started?


  • To join a fitness class at TNT, contact Jake by emailing: Jake provides you information for day, time, and registration process.
  • Ask your agency if they are a participating partner in the program
  • TNT staff trains family members and care-givers how to use equipment


Registration Packet

TNT is an amazing place where children and adults of all abilities can actively participate! My son has been going to TNT for years. He participates in the school program and also in a special needs small group with his buddies. The staff and coaches are amazing people who are skilled, friendly, and welcoming to all. I would recommend TNT to everyone! It is a magical place!